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Expanding Awareness of the Divine

Understanding Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is an ancient practice where one individual, the director, assists another, the directee, in discerning the presence and movement of God in their life. The focus of spiritual direction is the relationship between the directee and God, with the director’s primary role being to assist the directee in attending to God, who is always present and reaching out to us.

  • Discernment
  • Guidance
  • Support
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The Three Pillars of Spiritual Direction

The director guides the directee in their spiritual journey, assisting them in understanding their relationship with God.


Guiding individuals to perceive God's presence in their lives.


Attentive and empathetic understanding of the individual's spiritual journey.


Providing support and guidance on the individual's spiritual path.

Delving Deeper into Spiritual Direction

"Spiritual Direction is the process of being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others.” - Robert Mulholland
  • It is a process.
  • It is a process of being conformed.
  • It is a process of being conformed to the image of Christ
  • It is a process of being conformed to the image of Christ sent on mission—a mission for the sake of others.

For someone who is desiring a more lively prayer experience and an intimate connection with God, a spiritual director can provide a safe space and a listening, non-judgmental ear. This allows one to explore their image of God, themself, and the world.  We are ever-mindful that God is the true Spiritual Director. We simply allow God to love people into being themselves—the creation He has designed them to be.  In that sense, the spiritual director is called to midwife the spiritual life through holy listening and Holy Spirit-guided questioning.

  • Spiritual direction provides a focused means for growing in one’s relationship with God.
  • Together we (Director and Directee) meet in the presence of the One who transforms.
  • This provides the opportunity to tend to the soul’s health, to heal from past and present heart wounds, to transform and deepen our intimacy with God.

Sessions are 45-60 minutes in duration and usually once a month at a rate of $75 per session. I don’t want people to be unable to pursue direction due to a lack of financial resources. If you need assistance, please let me know. The sessions are held In my home office or virtually.